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Cutting edge optimization for the real world

Balance competing priorities while maintaining a birds-eye view over the member portfolio and procurement network with drill-down capabilities to detect inefficiencies' root causes.


Applying academic breakthroughs to the health insurance operations

Our team carries out meaningful, cutting-edge research. We apply optimal transport theory and machine learning to create game-changing tools.

Breakthrough discoveries
Complex Legacy

Addressing complex legacy process

We help insurers make better decisions. To achieve this we leverage the experience accumulated by insurance professionals over many years and automate many of the most tedious operations.

noisy data

Building robust training methods to deal with health data that is noisy and heterogenous.

refining domain

Refining domain adaptation techniques to handle differences between geographies and medical care standards.

meta data inference

Combining external data with inferred metadata to assess individual providers' quality of care.

create models

Conditioning learning on structured expert knowledge to create models that are both accountable and interpretable.

Advanced analytics.

Actionable insights.

The future of health insurance operations.

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