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Network Management

Qantev provides a modern tooling dedicated to health provider performance management, with an automated highlight of pricing gaps and best action recommendation based on advanced simulations.

What we offer

  • Automatically generates a comprehensive 360 view of payer's networks and providers
  • Real-time computation and tracking of highly specialized cost & quality KPIs
  • Automated identification of under performing providers and generation of negotiation business cases
  • Advanced benchmarking that dynamically ranks top condition and performs quantified comparison between similar providers thanks to a unique approach
  • Collaborative tooling with centralized knowledge base and action plans

Provider performance monitoring

Qantev generates comprehensive 360 view of all the providers and computes 60+ highly specialised Cost & Quality KPIs in real time.

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Network Optimization

Qantev identifies opportunities to save costs and increase efficiency. Our advanced tooling helps the user conduct quick analysis & comparisons, and easily build collaborative action plans and track their impact.

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